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A high up view looking down on the Avant studio, with several people working at desks


We are passionate about forming a pioneering design community and establishing an inspiring creative hub to aid and encourage the next generation of designers.

For those who are seeking to elevate their design ability and learn new skills from our experienced team, the Avant Academy is formulated to be a flexible way in which tailored guidance is provided.

Avant is committed to offering a creative environment for designers to be inspired and to develop their creative skills. We are confident that through our targeted development process, you will gain vital industry insights and build proficiency with the latest design tools In the world of design consultancy, Avant believe that new technologies such as Virtual Reality and Visualisation packages are the new equipment essential for design programmes. Therefore, these are the key skills that we aim for our candidates to acquire, to further themselves in the Automotive Design industry.


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You will be working amongst the Avant design team who will provide on-hand guidance


Desk space within the Avant Hub - this is yours to use as and when you wish


Support and guidance based on flexible periods


Regular reviews with the Avant management team to advise on progress


Sessions on two powerful tools that feature heavily in our design process

If you are interested in the Avant Academy and would like to find out more, please get in touch with us 

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