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Conceive, Concept, Create, Communicate is our signature design strategy. We passionately believe that effective design is achieved by a synchronised approach between brand and product. Therefore, we structure our efforts around these four key pillars, ensuring what we deliver meets the demands of the client and brief.

Design driven by technology


Through the adoption of modern equipment and utilising advanced design techniques available such as virtual reality, this enables us to improve the quality of our service, along with allowing our clients to intuitively interact and experience their design. We focus on not only delivering the best design solutions, but also creating immersive ways to communicate them.

The Avant Design Ltd virtual studio - an open double-height space with several desks  and mezzanine area
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Bridging the gap between reality and the virtual world.


Here is the Avant studio, where we visualise your creations and bring them to life. We use this space throughout the process to review and analyse designs as close to the real world as possible to ensure that they translate into a physical product.


VR Studio


Click the image below to view our VR Studio

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