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A tribute to the past



Jensen E-Ceptor

The E-Ceptor is a project that marries the timeless silhouette of the iconic Jensen Interceptor with a cutting-edge design ethos. With a deep respect for history and an eye on the future, the E-Ceptor is not just a creative design study, its a tribute, a vision, and a harmonious blend of classic charm and contemporary innovation.

Avant has a rich legacy reviving vehicles from the past, marked by our involvement in projects over the years including Facel Vega and Healey - many of which, regrettably, have remained concealed from public view. It is this very reason, combined with the inherently discrete nature of our industry, that encourages us to challenge our team with proactive explorations such as the E-Ceptor.

"A tribute to the past, and a glance at the future"


Re-imagining an icon

As with any renaissance project, a pivotal component of the design’s success lies in the implementation and execution of its inherent DNA. It’s a balancing act between which elements of the original design should be renewed and which to ignore. Our creative team was challenged with reimagining the original vehicle's defining visual cues into the E-Ceptor's design. From the unmistakable rear glazing to the grille and light graphics, every detail has been considered to honour the spirit of the British icon. Furthermore, key to the concept was incorporating several strategically designed channels that facilitate the smooth passage of air across the car's surfaces, ensuring minimal disturbances to its flow.


A Forward Thinking Design approach

Our design approach is oriented toward being at the forefront of cutting-edge design processes, combining traditional methods with emerging technologies that have yet to gain widespread traction in the industry. Our process hinges on the extensive utilisation of Virtual Reality – an invaluable device, serving as both a validation and creative tool.

By embracing the capabilities of VR, we efficiently arrived at a volume and proportion that resonated perfectly, capturing the essence of the original vehicle while propelling it gracefully into the modern era. The Interceptor of its time stood as an emblem of elegance and prestige, akin to distinguished brands such as Bentley. Right from the outset therefore, we were determined to reimagine this icon for the 21st century as a dominant, electric Super GT.

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