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Powering the Hydrogen Revolution

2023   |   CONCEPT, CREATE



Avant’s initial engagement with HVS commenced with their MCV programme in 2021. Our early design contributions laid the groundwork for the product’s base concept. However, it was HVS’ internal design team that advanced the concept, refining and developing it through to the demonstrator build. This initial project established a strong and productive relationship between Avant and HVS, leading HVS to enlist Avant once more for their next ambitious project: the HGV.


In the HGV project, Avant played a crucial role during the initial concept phase, generating a series of concept sketch proposals. Through a selection process and subsequent volume model production, these initial ideas matured into a viable design concept.


An Exterior focused on aerodynamics


The demonstrator vehicle was unveiled to the public in April 2023 at the Commercial Vehicle Show at the NEC, Birmingham. It garnered significant attention and was widely praised for its distinctively unique design approach. Avant continues to collaborate with the HVS team to further evolve the concept towards production.

All release visual assets were produced by the talented visualisation team at HVS 


Cutting-edge interior with Scandinavian elegance 

While the HVS surfacing team took the lead in finalizing the A surfaces for production, Avant focused on developing the interior design concept. Drawing inspiration from Scandinavian interior design and architecture, our expertise ensured that the vehicle's interior met the high standards of functionality and aesthetics expected from such an innovative offering.

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