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Man and Machine, Synchronised



Advanced Electric Single Seater

Conceived as a collaborative endeavor between Avant Design and HPL, SOLO aims to demonstrate the advanced design and visualisation capabilities we offer. SOLO is chiefly visual study that explores the creative aspect of connective driving, and how it may be used to influence the emotional bond between man and machine. 

Design process.jpg


Design with Drama

As with the project’s aim to unify driver and technology, SOLO’s design was developed with the same principle of unity. The amalgamation of classic proportions with contemporary surface language was key and is most evident by the proud reach of the vehicle's body, forward of the cab, which forms a dramatic, classic silhouette, akin to racecars of the 30’s and 40’s. The focal point of SOLO’s design is the ‘Heart’. The Heart is the mechanical core of the vehicle and its design was inspired by the circuit boards and veins of the human body, again, reference of unity. Whilst emitting dynamic lighting effects, stimulated by the driver’s heart rate and engagement with the vehicle, the heart also creates a visual bridge between the Interior and Exterior. 


Man and Machine, Synchronised

In order to deliver a complete concept, we presented the initial exterior theme, along with an interior brief to the Automotive Design students at Coventry University. During the subsequent 8 weeks, we directly engaged with the students to develop several interior concepts; After a process of review and consideration, the two most successful proposals were selected and the students behind them were offered the opportunity join HPL for an internship through the summer, to unite their design’s and complete the project.

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