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Efficiency Through Lightness



eCV1 Chassis Cab

The eCVv1 chassis cab marks Watt Electric's debut in the commercial vehicle market, built on their innovative electric PACES platform. The vehicle’s distinctive appearance originates from a simple sketch created a few years prior to the project’s commencement. This initial sketch was of high influence during the brief concept design phase, guiding the overall aesthetic and functional direction of the design.


The ECv1’s striking design is largely attributed to its central driving position, an unconventional feature that allows for the A pillars to tighten, thus narrowing the cab towards the front of the vehicle. This design choice not only gives the ECv1 it’s striking appearance but also provides a vast wrap-around panoramic view. Combined with the central driving position, it offers a dramatically different driving experience compared to conventional competitors. The result is a vehicle that stands out both in looks and usability.


Design Streamlined by Virtual Reality 


A holistic design philosophy 

Beyond the design of the ECv1 and other proactive vehicle studies with the Watt Electric team, Avant also undertook comprehensive brand identity tasks. This included simplifying their existing Celtic knot inspired logo, developing holistic brand guidelines, and designing and building the website. Our involvement ensured that the ECv1’s branding was as cutting-edge and cohesive as its design.

Check out Watt Electric Vehicles website here


The ECv1 made its debut at the 2023 commercial vehicle show at NEC in Birmingham, capturing significant attention. Following this successful demo, the subsequent production phase of the vehicle’s development began promptly, moving towards bringing this revolutionary vehicle to market.

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